2014 International Tang Soo Do Federation World Championship

This past July (yea I know….I’m behind posting…..lol), I traveled over to Lisbon, Portugal. I already posted the photos from my travels there, but the real reason for going was the ITF World Championship. I’ve trained in Tang Soo Do for about 14 years now, and it happened that my master’s test coincided with the world tournament. Soooooo, I went to Portugal. HA! It was great being around so many martial artists for a few days, and I got to know some really cool people from around the world in the meantime. The tournament was a long day, as always, but it’s awesome seeing so many great athletes doing their thing. Yes, people can fly, they flew all day long haha. I ended up judging a lot, so I didn’t get AS MANY photos as expected (like 500+ wasn’t enough…), but I got some great ones. SO, without further ado, here’s my coverage of the championship!

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