London was my last stop on my European travels this summer. I must admit, it was a HUGE focus of going. Yea, I was going to Portugal, but how could I go all that way and not stop at London (mostly to visit the Harry Potter film studios….pics to come….)??? And apparently travel is quite easy and affordable once you hop across the pond. After my master’s test in Portugal, I jumped on a plane and flew an hour or so to land in London.

I admit it’s not quite what I expected- a lot more modern than I’d have liked, but so easy to get around, and the old is mixed right in with the new. It’s amusing really. I felt completely at ease getting around. Only being there for two days, I had to pick and choose what I did. I took a stroll through Regent’s Park in the morning (by stroll I mean an hour plus walk haha), it was absolutely beautiful, and if I hadn’t known I was in the middle of a city across the ocean, I would have sworn I was in the countryside. The coolest part was the zoo was located inside the park- and this zoo could give any in the United States a run for their money. The exhibits were amazing, and several, the animals had free reign. That night I went up to Leavesden Studios and wandered around the Great Hall of Hogwarts (this trip deserves its own post). Day two took me to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and finished the night off at the Lion King (where I sat seven rows back, so it was kind of awesome). Even now, it feels completely surreal. Here’s a look at my escapades in London. And keep your eyes peeled for my photos of Leavesden studios!

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