Valentine’s Day Bash- The Center


The Center is a community center in Midland, Pennsylvania, and is a branch off of Four Mile Church. They recently had a Valentine’s Day dance, and they had a great turn out. The kids made it a real party, and the laughter spread uncontrollably. The people involved in The Center blow my mind, they have huge hearts and care so much about the kids and the community. They pour themselves into this place and these kids and the results are so incredibly obvious.

Abby & Tyler

I had the pleasure of photographing two my best friends. I absolutely love spending time with these two, it’s always a blast. Full of God, love, music, and life. Shooting these two was no less of an experience. Laughing almost constantly, it’s hard to hide the connection that thrives between these two. So without further hesitation, here’s a few of my favorites of two of my favorite people.