Geneva College Musical Theatre Camp

I had the pleasure of photographing Geneva College’s Musical Theatre Camp this year. Students from all over the area came together to work with directors, vocal coaches, and choreographers from all over. They spent two hard weeks beating together some incredible numbers, and had a blast doing it! They really pulled together some amazing performances in such a short amount of time!

First Senior Session of the Year

Started out this season with a beautiful senior session!

Superweek 2016


This past August featured the latest installment of the Superweek legacy. Jen and Cory Miller, two incredible people have been heading up a community outreach summer program for kids in Midland, Pennsylvania since 2010. They had a great turnout from the get-go, starting with 76 campers and 36 volunteer workers. The days are filled with games and food, and the overwhelming love of God. Throughout the years, word spread and involvement in the camp grew steadily. Eventually, in conjunction with Four Mile Church, The Center opened. It became a flourishing community center in Midland, run by the very same Jen and Cory, and opened its doors to the town. They have grown immensely. Student ministries during the week, bike workshops, music and art lessons, food and clothing banks, adult ministries and classes, field trips, a childcare, and the list goes on and on. The Center has become a home to the community. The love shown for this town was revealed in this year’s Superweek. 7 years later, the camp has grown to 174 campers, with 42 volunteers. Every year it expands and grows, and the children and families grow with them. Just take a look, the photos say it all.

Kidz Blast 2016


Forget cheesy church VBS, forget Presbyterian mumbling. Four Mile Kidz Blast has redefined summer church events. Combining huge family dinners, stories, games and worship, this event has taken over. Families get super excited seeing the event banners go up on the roadside, and registration explodes. It’s all they can talk about. Water games, the story of God, wholesome excellently cooked meals, and a full live worship band, what better way to spend the early summer evenings?



For the past 20 weeks (mostly because we fell behind now and again), a friend of mine from college, an old student turned worship team member, and I have been working on 18 pieces based on Disney movies. **Jordan did not currently finish**cough cough** #collegefreshman haha. The series started from me wanting to do artwork, but to be pushed by doing it as a group. Because let’s face it, we tend to bail when we’re not being held accountable. It was originally 17 pieces, but then I realized Anastasia was not, indeed, a Disney movie. SO we expanded to 18, choosing the last of our own devices. Being already in my head, I finished with Anastasia. It was a blast seeing how we each interpreted each of the 17 titles, consisting of titles such as Up, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, and the Black Cauldron (which shamefully, all of us had to find online in one way or the other, since we had no idea what it was…). Now that the series is over, photo season is upon us, and I’m looking forward to upcoming projects. Meanwhile, you can check out my Etsy shop to order prints of any of my reimaginetheears series! (link at the top)

Senior Class of 2015


It’s officially December. Senior photos wrapped up completely. Here’s a look at this year’s senior class. Such a fun time photographing these guys!

The Bevingtons!

I met these two through our young adults group at Four Mile Church. It was crazy because it’s a small community, and I’d never met these guys before. But we all soon became great friends, and I was thrilled when I was asked to be their photographer. They are such loving, such gracious, such absolutely fun people. Needless to say, this wedding was a blast!

Michel Wedding


I had the privilege of shooting this beautiful wedding between Erica and Kip in May. It’s taken a while, but I’m finally getting a chance to post! I don’t know if I’ve had as much fun shooting a wedding as I did with these guys, they were an absolute blast and were willing to try anything! Congrats guys!

The Maple Syrup Festival


If you grew up in Beaver County, you know that if you’re going anywhere, you do NOT cut through Brady’s Run during the Maple Syrup Festival weekend. It’s quite simple, because it’s going to take you twice as long as any other route. I’ve always avoided the park that weekend, it’s just what you did. But then my friends, some of whom aren’t even from Pennsylvania, have gone for years, and me, a resident, had never been to the Festival. Not acceptable. So I tagged along last year and it was a blast, especially the pancakes. I grew up at events that had all these tents and vendors, I was never a huge fan. But it’s the company you keep y’all.

Hornbuckles Take #2


I had the opportunity to take family photos of these guys a while back, and this time it’s with a new addition! These guys made it a blast taking photos, and the kids even posed some great shots themselves.